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Born on July 18, 1986

Single, French


3 rue Gabriel de Mortillet

74000 Annecy - FRANCE



+33 xxx xx xx xx

I am looking for a dynamic and ambitious environment where I can think outside the box to complete new challenges.
Not afraid of complex projects, I can easily integrate a team to exchange, think, code and improve.

Employment History

Keeping an active professional life in exciting enviroments led me to deeply discover different workplaces, such as a young exploding start-up or an established mid-size company. I can work in various environments as long as there are challenges.


Phoebe Coeus SARL

France Annecy / United States San Francisco
Phoebe Coeus

Founded Phoebe Coeus to be able to work more and more on amazing projects.
From my own projects that are still considered as fondamental research, such as rushhour to the freelance projects of the partners I met, Phoebe Coeus is a start-up driven by passion where code and ideas are written almost non stop.

Fractal generated by Fract Factory

Fractal Factory, a javascript application to draw and generate fractals.

Keyboard.Dev; preview

Keyboard.Dev, an international keyboard designed for developers.


Lead Developer / Director

SwissTV S.A.

Switzerland Geneva

I began as the only employee of the company. I designed, developed and implemented the foundations of every SwissTV‘s applications today (Most downloaded Video-On-Demand app on SmartTV, Switzerland). Since late 2013, I am also the product owner of an Agile development team composed of 7 people.


I started by creating a web-based VOD application from scratch. It took me 6 months from the database architecture to the rich client side (100% ajax) to get a fully running application.

The application is designed for connected televisions and the absence of mouse and keyboard has been a very intersting challenge of user experience.

I then built a SOA architecture completed with an entire API (WCF web services) which enables the company to develop an international B2B activity, using now our own SaaS VOD management platform.

We also were able to work on amazing and interesting video related features, such as recommendation algorithms with machine learning, live video encoding and streaming, or even closed captioning conversion.

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.Net Developer

ACM - Advanced currency markets

Switzerland Geneva

I joined ACM as my first full-time job in 2006 as the company was 3 years old. I worked hard to follow the growth of the online Forex trading and worked in cutting edge and exciting projects.


I learnt ajax with my first project at ACM (no jquery at this time). In a team of 5 developers, I made the client side of a forex trading platform. I built a CMS, a rich client app using Sharepoint as backend for documents storage, security and validation processes.

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VB6 Developer


France Lyon

My one-year apprenticeship job. I started as a Winform bug buster for an accounting software. I then was given carte blanche to recast a new version of the application.


Here are my best skills, specifically the ones related to my job, but I know a lot of other stuff, ask me!

  • C#
  • .net 4.0
  • user experience
  • javascript
  • css3
  • web
  • Unity
  • web design
  • jQuery
  • WCF
  • photoshop
  • html5
  • algorithms
  • web services
  • ajax
  • Agile
  • msSQL
  • mobile
  • sharepoint
  • scrum

Personal Projects

Like any self-respecting developer, I work on personal projects during my free time. I worked on a lot of other concepts, here are the more importants.


Roads & traffic simulation tool

under development

A software for modelling a city’s road system and simulating traffic. Real-time simulations can be combined with real-life data to lead to solutions for a more efficient roads and traffic.
It is still under construction and tend to reach a beta release soon.


« I started thinking about this project a long time ago (I'd say 2005).
I discovered very early the game Simcity, which influenced me a lot. As simulating people from the skies like an omnipotent God provides a satisfying feeling, building an equivalent artificial intelligence is the best food for your brain. »

I finally gathered the skills and the courage to work on this project by myself.
This project covers a lot of different aspects such as the 2D/3D rendering, the simulated drivers think process or the physics engine for cars acceleration and behavior algorithm.


Social network


A social network, made for groups of friends. A user can be part of different groups and interact with them independently.


« Everything started in 2007 with a small closed website for my friends and I. We needed a place to organize our parties and share our photos.

The website was running as I was looking for a way to do the same with other friends, I had the idea to extend the website and add multiple friends groups.

It was similar the ‘circle’ concept that can be found in google plus today. People were able to join or create different groups Everything was only shared to one group. »

« Unfortunately, Facebook became popular in France at the same time and because of a lack of free time and zero revenue, I stopped the website in 2010.
Without any funds it gathered in the end around 500 people and 60 different groups. »



Bachelor of Software Development

France Lyon Technologic University (IUT A)


I made with my university's wingman an end-of-year project. The subject was open, we chose and worked on a "bus line management software". Yep.

We built a web-based UI for managing bus lines, stops and timetables. A web hosted API was queryable to solve with a home made algorithm (100% organic), routes and schedules from A to B. The server was listnening to a sim card usb modem (serial port!) for reading incomming SMS and replying with the good route and timetable. Too bad we didn't have user location at this time!

19.5/20! Nobody's perfect...


Degree of Networks and Telecommunications

France Annecy Technologic University (IUT Annecy - GTR)


« During 2 years, I learnt a lot of different aspects of the IT. Of course development and OOP was the best part.

Networks taught me how to masterize IP Addresses bitmasks. Useful every single day when you're doing softwares or databases. As well as knowing how to build an efficient organizational unit allows me how to think better the code architecture.

Telecommunications taught me that a good communication between two devices is all about a good handshake. I can make the difference between UNICODE and UTF-8 and love dates and timestamps.

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For more details about myself and what I like.


Native language


Full professional proficiency

Exceptional skills

I count in binary
I'm an advanced horse rider (10 years!).
I can convert mentally a color to its hexadecimal value.
I can rebuild any dying city in Simcity.

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